Web Marketing & Promotion Service


Today’s business environment is constantly changing to keep up with technology.

Regardless of the business transaction type, whether it’s for financial, presentation, or for communication purposes,  everything is handled via the web. Your website needs a custom-tailored design for functionality, as well as to  market products or services online to the millions of people who seek out services in every category of business.

Customers and clients today are looking for accessibility of up to date information on companies they choose to patron, and websites are statistically shown to be the preferred means of how customers gather this type of information.

54% of adults use the internet and web for all manner of purposes, shopping, reading the news, and research. At Susan Nefzger PR, we understand the importance of pairing top quality web content & design with significant public relations expertise. 75% of Americans use social media for business marketing.

We specialize in social media, content creation, and seo building for your organic ranking. NOT pay per click. We may assist in design of websites with the most innovative tools to make ones site functional, user friendly, interactive, and professional in presentation. We work with outstanding vendors who provide web design service. Our services include creating a strong web marketing concept as well as content management, writing copy, implementing, and maintaining your site. We promote the use interactive graphics, optimized content, and other features to help businesses increase online visibility, generate more traffic, and solidify ones brand. Our team of experts specialize in public relations methods that have proven success. Our general service list includes:


• Content creation for websites, blogs, social media, white papers
• Press release announcements
• Promotion via blogs & social media such as Facebook and Twitter
• Website optimization & SEO, SEM


Our experts can also find the best host for your service, and register a domain name for you. We will also provide maintenance, updates, and marketing for continued success. Our relationship with our customers is invaluable to our own success, and we take extreme measures to provide effective website design that works for the unique business needs of every individual client.


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Web Marketing & Promotion