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Social media markeing has become one of the most significant tools used for online visiblity today. It encompasses a wide range of networking tools that bring crowds together to share information. This can include online tools such as discussion boards, forums, and networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit Pinterest and video sharing sites such as You Tube, and blogs. Blogs are the most efficient way to increase your SEO, hands down. They are chronological logs of web entries or online journals often containing visuals and video.

Susan Nefzger PR & Web Marketing is thoroughly knowledgeable about how social media, particularly blogs, can impact your marketing. Among other things, we know that these help foster trust that attracts customers and clients by building a consistent brand message over time.

The benefits of using any type of social media marketing are the timeless quality of posts, video or visuals. Prospects, patients, customers, and clients are able to participate at their leisure. They may also use whatever communication strategy suits them to present their message. Marketing with social media and podcasts utilizes effective content writing, appealing info-graphics, audio and current trends into a campaign.

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Social Media & Blogs